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to see how the surnames are connected to each other.



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Surname traced to abt. 1851 when Lucille was  brought to Cherokee /Rusk, Co, Texas with her 3 sons, Dennis, Edmund & Lem.  These are the descendants of Dennis Christopher.


7 Generations




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In his will, John W.(possibly William) Murphy of Sevier Co. Arkansas freed slaves he acquired from his marriage to Cassandra Crabtree. Gideon, Hardy, Delilah & Matilda were to be freed upon his death. "It is my will and desire that my negroes or slaves be not separated but suffer to remain on my farm and cultivate the land/farm..." "I wish them to be set free and not be considered as property together with the children of these women, my object is to put it beyond the power of man to abuse them as slaves as they always manifested a deep and abiding interest in the welfare of myself and family..."






In the beginning there was Nelson Hancock who was a white slave owner from Georgia.  Nelson impregnated a young slave girl and a boy child was born in 1843. He too was named Nelson and listed as "Mulatto". Nelson Sr. died sometime around 1899.

On these next few pages you will find information about the African descendents of Nelson Hancock and learn of their rich heritage that still prevails to this day.

7 Generations



The descendants of Thomas C. Woodson (1790-1879) carry the strong family tradition that he was the firstborn child of Sally Hemmings and Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson was the only Jefferson male at Monticello each time Sally conceived, eliminating the possibility of the children being fathered by another Jefferson Woodson, left Greenbrier County, Virginia, for southern Ohio in the early 1820s.


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